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For this first edition of OsloErotic we have put together a special short film program and retrospective dedicated to Barbara Hammer as a pioneer of queer cinema and her groundbreaking, experimental lesbian films on life and sex. OsloErotic wishes you a pleasurable experience that stimulates your mind, heart and body. We have selected the best of international films and expertise for talks that will be presented throughout the day.

The official OE program


E = Explicit



Narcissism  (2022)

Toni Karat , GER

Time: 90 min

Documentary about gender, narcissism and self-love.


How do we look into the mirror? Do we allow ourselves a narcissistic or even covetous view? And how is it influenced by our gender and socialisation: Are we able to love ourselves and our reflection? And why do lesbians often have an especially difficult relationship with narcissism?


These are some of the questions Toni Karat is exploring in this project, by capturing each protagonist‘s intimate view in the mirror at an old and untouched attic from 1929. This film was the Opening Film and won the Best Documentary award of the Berlin Pornfilmfestival 2022, Secs Fest 2022, Seattle (US) and of the Porn Film Festival Vienna (AUT) 



Acts of Love (2021)

Isidore Bethel, FRA

Time: 71 min

Documentary fiction hybrid film


When his relationship with an older man in Mexico starts to wane, Bethel, who performs as himself in the film, travels to Chicago. He chats with hundreds of men on dating apps and invites them to make a film with him. A dozen meet him for an interview, and four agree to write and perform in a fictional film that their original conversations inspired.

Meanwhile, passages combining still images and voiceover from Bethel recount memories about the former lover. Throughout, the filmmaker's mother phones him to critique and ridicule her son's unusual project. 


Bazaar TALK


Joakim Kleven, Helene Ekra, Sex & Politikk

Time: 45 min


Hva slags porno ser vi på og hva gjør det med oss? Hvor ofte må man se på porno for å være pornoavhengig? Hvordan påvirker pornoen vi ser på både sexliv og intimitet? Få et innsyn i ulike perspektiver fra både undersøkelser og ekspertråd fra Sex&Politikk og Joakim Kleven som har gjennom sin dokumentarserie dukket dypt inn i pornoens verden. Med oss har vi også Helene Ekra som gir oss innsikt i en ny generasjon av selvstendige skapere gjennom OnlyFans.




Anoushka, FRA

Time: 87 min

Fiction, Erotic, bisexual


A couple decides to take in a sociology student for the summer. Lola, who has just arrived from San Francisco, and wants to spend a few weeks with this artistic couple to further her research on gender norms and gender in heterosexual monogamous relationships. She soon discovers that the seemingly happy couple is in fact hiding multiple layers of complexity.


Between the couple and Lola, an immediate attraction produces sparks and emerging doubts about the conception of love. The couple will gradually let themselves imagine a more modern and less conservative conception of love.



Barbara Hammer
Short films
(1974 - 1987)

Time: 77 min

Short film program, Retrospective

BH_V_1973_Menses - 25.jpg

Barbara Hammer was born in Hollywood in 1939. Her documentaries and experimental films are among the earliest and most comprehensive depictions of lesbian identity, love, and sexuality. For more than five decades, Hammer was an increasingly influential voice of queer feminism, and a chronicler of women's self-empowerment in the U.S. and many other places around the world. Following film retrospectives at New York's MoMA in 2010, Tate Modern, London in 2012, and her first solo exhibitions at KOW beginning in 2011, the art world began to take an interest in Hammer's now historic body of work, which includes performances, installations, and works on paper. Numerous institutional exhibitions and successes followed, and today Hammer is considered one of the greatest examples of politically engaged feminist art. Hammer was a teacher for many years and held a professorship at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee (CH). She passed away in 2019.


Bazaar TALK


Margrete Wiede Aasland

Time: 45 min

Skjermbilde 2023-08-07 kl. 17.23.05.png

Hvordan snakker vi med barn om seksualitet? Hva er det viktig at vi fokuserer på og hvordan har vi samtalen? Hvordan gir vi barn de riktige verktøyene i forhold til å navigere felt som grensetting, intimitet, og representasjoner i porno? Vi snakker med landets ledende ekspert Margrete Wiede Aasland

Margrete Wiede Aasland arbeider ved Institutt for pedagogisk sexologi og terapi og ved Sexologisenteret i Oslo, og er spesialist i sexologisk rådgivning. Hun er terapeut, pedagog og spesialist i seksualitetsundervisning, og i tillegg veileder, foredragsholder og forfatter. Siden 1986 har hun arbeidet med temaet seksuelle overgrep og seksualitet. Aasland har i 11 år jobbet med mennesker som har begått seksuelle overgrep. Som terapeut tar hun imot mennesker med ulike seksuelle problemstillinger og livsutfordringer, og i sitt virke som foredragsholder snakker hun om seksualitet og seksuelle overgrep på alle livets områder og i alle aldre.




Shall I compare you to a summer´s day? (2022)

Time: 66 min

Skjermbilde 2023-08-07 kl. 17.38.26.png

Gay, Poly, Musical

Two men meet in a club or a bar: one of them is Egyptian, the other hails from Latin America. The attraction is instant, and sexual intercourse follows soon after. After their lovemaking in between the late hours of the night and early dawn, as is befitting of a Shakespearean tale, they start talking about their love lives. One of them has led a rather polyamorous life, while the other is still only discovering himself. A future in which both commit to each other, in which they don’t drag their own damaged lives into this bond, seems impossible.

This is an experimental assortment of dialogues, interviews and songs, straying from the main plot or complementing it in abstract fashion. 


Bazaar TALK


Amy T. Dybing, Clare Zhou, Christiane Grelland

Time: 45 min

Skjermbilde 2023-08-08 kl. 13.19.22.png

There are a lot of myths about sex parties. Let's debunk them with one of the organizers of Juicebox, Amy. She hosts sex parties exclusively for women. Is it as wild and crazy as one imagines, or is there some sort of depth and innocence to it as well? Alongside sex educator Clare and BDSM/ Kink mentor Christiane, we will deep dive into subjects like why boundaries are so hard to maintain for so many people, and how sexual spaces can actually help us establish clearer and healthier relationships.



Nova Dubai (2014)

Gustavo Vinagre (BRA)

Time: 55 min

Gay, Queer, Nudity, Sex

Skjermbilde 2023-08-07 kl. 17.47.32.png

In a neighborhood of a city in Brazil, real estate speculation has become a threat to the affective memory of a group of friends. The only answer to the imminent transformations is sex: outdoors, in playgrounds, quarries, empty apartments, in all the places that will disappear or be transformed, but will always belong to those who live there. And love? Is love, too, a work in progress?



RULE34 (2022)

Time: 100 min


Straight, Queer, Self Pleasure

Rule 34 Simone 23-year-old studies criminal law and advocates for women's rights and at night she performs in front of a live sex cam. One night watching a film awakens her dark impulses for a more dangerous means of sexual gratification. Torn between observing everyday gender violence and her own erotic desires, Simone is faced with a real existential dilemma. In a world radically different from that of university classrooms and accompanied at a distance by her friend Nat (Isabela Mariotto), the protagonist of Rule 34 begins to experiment with sexual practices linked to the BDSM universe. Accompanied in her nocturnal experiments by her friends-lovers Lucia (Lorena Comparato) and Coyote (Lucas Andrade), Simone seems unconcerned about the risks involved in practices in which reality and fantasy become dangerously confused.Winner of the Golden Leopard for Best Film at the Locarno Film Festival 2022. 


Bazaar TALK


Jacqueline Éloquence

Time: 45 min


PolyNorge er en interesseorganisasjon som har fokus på relasjonsmangfold i det norske samfunnet. Vi lever i et svært normstyrt samfunn med streng sosial kontroll. Det norske samfunnet er pr i dag svært mono-normativt. Mennesker som føler de ikke passer inn i forventningene om hvordan kjærlighetsliv og relasjoner bør se ut, føler seg ofte fremmedgjort. Foreningen ble opprettet for å gi nettopp disse individene en stemme, et trygt miljø og for å jobbe for et varmere og mer inkluderende samfunn.




Time: 92 min

The Wedding_by Erika Lust_Lust Cinema_2_Credits_Adriana Eskenazi.jpg

Gay, Straight, Bi, Poly

The Wedding, directed by Erika Lust, is her most ambitious feature film to date: a hilarious rom-com diving deep into pansexuality, open relationships, and the stigmas around them. Ever wished My Big Greek Fat Wedding was sexier? Well, The Wedding by Erika Lust is.Starring Nicole Kitt, Dante Colle, Panterino, Maria Riot, Andi James, Jason Steel, Romy Furie, and Jade Kush,  this unconventional wedding follows the bride and groom's story and relationship with their open-minded friends. Once the secret of the couple's pansexuality and the free nature of their relationship is out in the open, passions run high. Will the groom's mother accept her son's sexuality and lifestyle? Will other secret suitors take their chance with the newlyweds? Will the couple's family and friends finally get along?Forever is a very long time, and this unconventional couple wants to make sure they squeeze the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime wedding.





Time: 45 min


Sammen med både hiv positive og eksperter fra HivNorge skal vi dypdykke inn i hva det betyr å ha hiv idag. Har vi beveget oss bort fra stigma, og er det egentlig så farlig lenger hvis medisinene gjør at man kan leve helt normalt? Hvordan beskytter vi oss egentlig nå som behandlinger har kommet så langt?



Who Will Fuck Daddy?

Time: 65 min


Animation, Fantasy, Queer

A dive deep into the collective subconscious where the man’s stinking corpse decomposes into nourishing soil from which we are born again, and rise to the surface with a new feminine way of thinking / feeling and unexpected perversions.



Noel Alejandro
Short movie program


Forget me not (2022)

Eloi and Biel (2013)

The End (2018)

Call me a ghost (2017)

Time: 92 min

Gay, Queer, Nudity, Sex

Noel Alejandro is an independent filmmaker and alternative adult films director whose work explores pornography as a tool to question society’s old standards. His films go beyond the explicit, being set to live in a blend between cinema and erotica. Noel’s force strives for a more sensitive way of scriptwriting, setting up each story in order to continuously push pre-settled boundaries of filmmaking. His films aim to portray the human intimacy behind feelings and pleasure through simple, cinematic and natural scenes, a style that would become Noel’s trademark.

In this selection of short movies we will deep dive into his work from early films to the latest releases. Sit back and enjoy the ride.




Time: 50 min

Gay, Queer, non-binary, feminist, poetic, erotic, nudity, sex, animation, pan, poly

Summer Nights Fantasy 

Guby Moon (SPA)

Time: 5 min

Summer Night’s Fantasy 3.jpeg

It’s a summer night and it’s very hot. Mila is lying in bed and she can’t sleep… Then her hands slide down all over her body as her mind fantasizes taking her on a cosmic journey to the stars and beyond. This is a poetic story about a hot summer night’s fantasy

Hungarian Tango

Pina Brutal (GER/HUN)

Time: 12 min

hungarian tango7 (2).png

A couple goes on a journey in a small Hungarian home. What starts out
as an erotic scenario soon turns into a psychedelic trip into the Heart of
The Cosmos. A short with twists and turns to prove the vastness of

Lick, lick, otherwise we are lost.


Matt Lambert (USA/GER)

Time: 18 min


A gritty representation of the Berlin club culture and the sexiness and fun of it. Berlin nightclub scene is known for its freedom and sexiness—the place to leave your inhibitions behind and let your inner desires take over. There's something so intuitively primal about learning about someone through their glance, scent, taste, and the feeling of being literally inside each other before anything else. There's a magic to this queered inversion of intimacy—fuck first, then meet. 

Darkrooms are not for everyone; some still enjoy privacy despite their love for public-adjacent sex. Toilet stalls are a favorite; with all the multi-level positions, you become more of an organism than a human—an audible exhibitionist's dream unfolding, cumming to the sound of your one-night lover(s).


La Fille Renne, Laure Giappiconi, Elisa Monteil (FRA)


Time: 6 min

“In my dreams, I fuck girls all day long.” A poetic dive into the erotic imagination of a non-binary person.

Melting Point

Mindy Stricke (CAN)

Time: 5 min


Melting Point is a queer, experimental erotic short that captures the heat between two lovers, literally. Shot with a thermal camera, the film records the scene using temperature instead of light, revealing new ways of seeing pleasure, play, and desire.


Alexandre Medeiros (BRA)

Time: 16 min


Just another ordinary night among friends, looking for mundane entertainment, but they end up surprised by the opening of a mysterious portal. In their quest to get lost in the night, a crack in the mirror of reality leads the girls to a reunion with their primal desires. Will it be the discovery of a new Eden or just a dirty version of “Alice in Wonderland” among girls who inhabit the fringes of the third world? It doesn’t matter, Love is the Law, Love under Will. A lysergic and erotic journey between girls who do not accept imposed limits. Between caresses and orgasms, they build new universes of pleasure and self-affirmation, in which the only rule is the ecstasy of the bodies.

Cum as You Are

Hanna Schaich (GER)

Time: 12 min


Yelled at as a spectators we are asked to explore thought rooms and possibilities of different futures - What if in supposedly individually experienced mental and physical wounds lies the collective energy for resistance? What if we squirt, dance, eat, whip away a society cramped in shame and norms? Or even abolish it? What if the anger of all fighters, who live in existing and past patriarchal structures, who had to endure them, who suffered from them or have come to death by them, what if that anger became an overwhelming, transforming energy turning us into freed, unadjusted and loud people, ready for a positive change? Then we fight for uncompromised being. For love freed from shame. For life as it could be. Alive origiastically.

Fasten your seat belts on this horny ride through Wild-Wild-Witch-Clity-City.

Impregnation Nation


Erika Lust (SWE/SPA)

Time: 18 min


This emotional erotic short film combines dance and sex to draw you into a sexual experience that transcends words. In the hopes of conceiving, Natalie Portnoy and Sylvan take a chance to visit a fertility ritual and end up experiencing much more than they could have ever imagined. Helping nature does what she does best, a crew of dancers cast a hypnotic spell on both the performers and the viewer, relaying the passion and the tender affection of this fertility journey.

Hotpot Threeway


Erika Lust, Popo Fan (SWE/SPA)

Time: 22 min

Skjermbilde 2023-08-15 kl. 13.34.29.png

Zoe and Jonas are stuck in a rut, so Zoe takes Jonas out to try a Chinese two-way hotpot for the first time. At first, Jonas is hesitant about spicy food, but he soon loves it. After an intense spicy meal, Jonas ends up covered in chili oil. The waiter at the restaurant offers to help him cool off with a glass of milk, delivered in a very particular way... 

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