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OE is the first ever erotic film & art festival held in the northern region. Norwegian culture has had a tremendous growth for the last decades, funding its society and culture with values based on democracy and diversity. Sexual liberation is a natural part of that evolution and process, and cultural mediums as in art and music are natural front runners in taking the next steps.

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What's up OE?

From cinema to art, sauna to club, talks to food.  Let's have a closer look at what the festival has to offer. 

SALT Art & Mucic

SALT is a cultural arena located next to the fjord in the heart of Oslo, overlooking the Oslo Opera House and the Munch museum. With six saunas and six stages, as well as both indoor and outdoor serving areas offering food and drinks. SALT is a vibrant area where everyone is welcome.

Our mission:

Healing through Art

Our purpose is to use art and film to regain connection to emotionality and intimacy within sex, as a counter measure to all the mainstream porn culture and representation on social media. Through a focus on diversity within body, sexuality, gender, age and ethnicity we are expanding the norms and building real ideals of who we are as an society. Let erotic art be linked to curiosity and safety, as a way to get to know ourselves and others on a deeper level. 



Curated by one of the upcoming names to be known in film, Helene Eggen, a selection of worldwide directors and their works will be presented. We present the best of the best as you can indulge all night in our erotic cinema. All our movies presented are hand picked for creating reflections and evolving consciousness through curiosity.

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We have gathered the top national experts within different fields of sexuality to elevate our consciousness and hand over the tools we need in order to understand and navigate healthy sexual relations. From Carl Jung's archetypes in sex, to porn addiction, boundaries and chemsex. Were gonna talk about it all!

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All Day, All Night

With one outdoor and two indoor dance floors presenting some of the best DJ´s Oslo has to offer, we are sure to make your heart rush with ecstasy. Playing back to back serving amazing visuals with our  VJ´s submerging us into more erotic art, together with live performance with shibari, burlesque, live painting and ballroom culture.  The sauna will also be a socialising space keeping it going through the night as well as movie screenings at the Amfi if you feel like taking a break.  



Listen to music and relax in our naked sauna that will keep on heating us all the way into the night. Dance a bit, watch a movie or get naked! Sauna is included in the OSLOEROTIC ticket.





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We wish to celebrate erotic art together with the evolution of technology. In that way we can present artists from all over the world, and make it available to all of Norway during the festival. That is why we have a online VR gallery as well as a on site AR erotic sculpture park.  


Developed By

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Connected.Art is our collaborator and bridge between the digital art world and the physical realm. This is the platform where artists can be presented and noticed by our audience.   

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