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Schoolgirl (UwU)

Category: Bi

I'm just a horny schoolgirl! What ever can I do?

Yamatte kudasai!

Flynn & Kristoff

Category: gay

Watch to of your most handsome Disney hunks help each other out in the barn!

Batman saves the day

Category: straight

Once again Batman is out to save some horny citizen. What ever would we do without our superhero?


Category: lesbian

I told you not to dabble with the dark arts! Now your friend is a horny demon and is gonna eat your pussy!



Category: Straight

Join us on the French countryside as we explore the beautiful scenery and nature . What do we see?

Country Claudia

Category: straight

You don't wanna mess with Country Claudia. She will empty your sacks before you know the name of it! Watch your step cowboy!

Aladdins adventure

Category: gay

What happens when Aladdin and Flynn finds the holy grail of horniness? Can they fight the urges that arise? Will they survive the poking adventure?

The plumber

Category: straight

My sink is broken and I don't know what to do!? Maybe If you fix my pipe, I can fix yours?

Prison buddies

Category: Gay

What happens when you get stuck in prison, but your prison mate is kind of hot? Maybe prison isn't that bad after all!

The plumber

Category: Lesbian

Ivanka and Svetlana wants to get down to business. Join these two girl on a less than average  passionate meetup.

The maid

Category: straight

How can I serve you master? Are you a dirty little boy?

I think I need to rub that pole clean for you. There is always work for a maid. 

Ja, ja, ja, Heidi!

Category: straight

There are so many things to milk around the farm. One of them is the hot strudel puddel walking around in his lederhosen. 

It's my first time!
I promise!

Category: straight

Sensei san, do you want to teach me the arts of the forbidden! I have never ever done anything like this. Yamatte Kudasai!

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